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The P16-1 profile is a floor illuminating profile. Thanks to its interesting design, it allows for additional illumination of the interior, which is an interesting alternative to standard plinths. Mainly used in commercial spaces and as night lighting.

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The P16-1 LED profile is an innovative floor profile that perfectly illuminates interiors. Its unique design is a fascinating alternative to traditional plinths, adding additional light to the room. Designed mainly for use in commercial spaces and as load-bearing night lighting.
This LED profile measures 10 × 80 mm and is made of durable aluminum, ensuring solidity and long-term use. It has an IP 20 protection class, which means it is dust and dust resistant.
Available in a variety of colors such as anodized, white, black and graphite, the P16-1 LED Profile can be adapted to any interior design. Three different lengths are also available: 1000 mm, 2000 mm and 3000 mm, which allows it to be adapted to various room sizes.
Powered by one energy-saving 13 mm wide LED light source, this LED profile provides bright and even illumination. The ability to choose C1, C13 or C4 covers allows you to further adjust the light to your preferences.
The P16-1 LED profile is easy to install and can be mounted using furniture screws, double-sided tape or glue. Illuminate your interiors in a modern and unique way with this functional P16-1 LED profile.

More information about the LED profile is available at the e-mail address:

Dimensions 10 × 80 mm





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